September 6th, 2012 Add Your Comments

Want to setup a cloud based PHP development environment in 30 seconds?  No, I’m not joking.  Yes, it really is that easy. Let me guess… you’ve worked at enterprise level PHP development houses where your environment setup instructions looked like a wiki page exploded.  Things are changing quickly and we’re happy about that.

One might think that if you build applications in the cloud that you are building “cloud applications”. While much of the focus on the cloud has been on building cloud-based applications and pushing them to the cloud, there are many, perhaps more, circumstances where an organization doesn’t need the features offered by cloud vendors. And so, many developers will dismiss the cloud as hype or not pertinent to their needs. However, with all of the focus being on the production cloud few are asking whether or not the cloud can provide solutions for developers, regardless of where they deploy.

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