August 7th, 2012 Add Your Comments

A few things worth noting if you’re new to OSX Mountain Lion and setting up Zend Server CE.  My blog post about setting up Zend Server CE has been very popular, but there’s a few things to keep in mind with Mountain Lion.

Zend has recently released a fix for the software to be compatible with Mountain Lion, so be sure you are downloading the latest version of Zend Server CE.

Also, you may have noticed that OSX Mountain Lion does not have the bash_profile file initially, which will cause other issues for you when it comes to installing PHPUnit or similar associated with PEAR.

To create your bash_profile file, please do the following:

+ open  Terminal

+ type  touch .bash_profile

+ type  open -a .bash_profile

Now you can make your additions as needed for setup.  For example, you will want to add the following to this file:


Be sure to check out