November 26th, 2012 Add Your Comments

It was officially announced that Drupal will adopt some of the Symfony Components for their upcoming version 8. And I’m not talking about some minor components, they are embracing our vision and they will use the major components that will allow them to build a great low-level architecture for Drupal 8: HttpFoundation, HttpKernel, Routing, EventDispatcher, DependencyInjection, and ClassLoader.

By adopting HttpKernel, Drupal and Symfony projects will become more interoperable. It means that you will be able to easily integrate your custom Symfony applications with Drupal… and vice-versa. This is a very good news for both communities: they benefit from Symfony developers code and experience, and they will help Symfony improve what they already have.

The future for Drupal is a RESTful one, and for this developer, that generally loathes the typical PHP content management system that can be bloated, this is good news. Certainly Drupal has a large following, but with this connection happening Symfony has really stepped up their position, and Drupal their game.

Zend Framework will always be the mainstream enterprise framework, but companies have learned well that coupling with frameworks is powerful on several levels (industry position, development, etc.). Zend Framework has ties with Magento, CodeIgniter has direct ties to Expression Engine, and Symfony now joins ranks with one of the most popular PHP content management systems around, Drupal.