Web Development

Check And Upgrade All Node Packages

April 21st, 2017 0 Comments

A nice way to check and upgrade all of the packages of your project quickly:

npm i -g npm-check-updates
npm-check-updates -u
npm install

Sublime Text – Love at first auto complete

February 14th, 2013 0 Comments

Look at your editor. Now back at mine. Now back at yours. Now back to mine. Sadly your editor is not like mine. But if you stopped using noob-scented editor, and switched to Sublime Text 2, your editor could look like mine.

Seriously, although Eclipse is a great development editor, if you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to use, the most comprehensive simple editor, look no further than Sublime Text 2 (3 currently in beta).

You can download Sublime Text 2 Here!

You’re Welcome!

Improve Your Eclipse Performance

January 28th, 2013 0 Comments

Eclipse – Performance Improvement

1. Disable validators and startup option
– For validations: on eclipse menu Windows -> Preferences -> Validation, select only validation you need.
– For startup action: on eclipse menu Windows -> Preferences -> General -> Startup, and uncheck the options you don’t need.

2. Modify eclipse.ini

3. Turn off spelling check
– You can switch off the plug-in by going to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Spelling, and unchecking the box title ‘Enable spell checking’.